As I sit here and write this blog post I'm still secretly waiting for someone to wake me up from what feels like a wonderful dream.

It all started when I unexpectedly received an email from Laura Jackson, TV presenter and columnist, asking me if I'd be interested in having my art prints stocked in a new online shopping destination that she would be launching soon with her brother-in-law Daniel Crow, former accessories and homeware buyer for END.

So after I did a bit of research I automatically knew that my answer would be a big fat YES!

It's taken months of painting, editing, writing, and emails going back and forth to finally get to the point that we are in today, which is the launch of Glassette.

Glassette officially opened on 11th November 2021 and has been well received by the press with British Vogue calling it ‘The Farfetch of home’ as well as the Sunday Times Magazine dubbing it as the 'Net-A- Porter of homeware'. 

I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing new venture and you can read more about this amazing new platform that is revolutionising the way that you can buy things for your home via the links below.

Article in Stylist 

Article in Vogue 

You can also shop my new collection and all the other gorgeous things for your home at Glassette.


A selection of my prints that you can ONLY find over on Glassette



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