The stories behind the art

The process of sharing my story is an ongoing one, and like all good stories it cannot be rushed.
It’s linked to who I am as a person and what I’ve been through in my life, as well as who I am becoming. My journey as an artist has been quite a rocky one . Overcoming many trails and periods of adversity along the way.

That’s why my story is so intrinsically linked to my art, coaching practice and work with Black Cube. It’s ultimately interwoven into my DNA and made manifest in all that I do.

Just as I have done in my own life, each of these spaces focuses on seeing the world through a lens of possibility. Placing an element of hope and trust into different life experiences.

My mission is to visually guide you through what it feels like to rise above the judgement, perspectives and limiting beliefs of others to create your own reality. A reality that is both hopeful and inspired.
Hopeful in knowing that what can often look and feel like the end, could just well be the beginning of something amazing; and inspired to create a life that meets all your aspirations. This appeals deeply to me because I’ve always known that there is more to life than what the world will have you believe, and that it’s always better to have an open and curious mind, as this will allow you to create your own magnificent and unique sphere of existence.

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