"My purpose as an artist is to capture the enlightened spirit of emotions, experiences and life's stories. This is the reason why when you look at my work it may feel familiar to you. If this happens pay attention to it, as it is often your souls way of telling you that the story belongs to you, and has appeared in your life to inspire you into heart led action."



Yvette Miller is a painter based in London and is of Jamaican heritage. As a self- taught artist working mainly with acrylic paint her work explores the enlightened spirit of life stories, experiences, and emotions, depicting the alternative and often overlooked responses. As a woman of colour Yvette’s work challenges the historical and present-day Eurocentric narrative of abstract art practitioners. She is also committed to changing this narrative through the work that she does with the Black Cube Collective. Founded by Yvette in 2020, the Black Cube is focused on celebrating and supporting other black women abstract artists who are often overlooked and underrepresented in the mainstream art world. 


I’ve always been fascinated by life and its stories, especially the ones that seem to leave you with no hope. However, it’s within that pocket of a seemingly hopeless situation that drives me to find that small glimmer of wonder and possibility. So that what once looked like a losing battle can often be transformed into a moment of change and triumph. Inspired by the story,I then create an abstract art piece that often features a series of layers and forms using a palette of subtle colours, woken up by the injection of an often singular and distinctive vibrant mark making process. The purpose of this is so that viewers spirit is also awakened to allow for connection and guidance towards a new way of thinking, being and seeing.