Yvette’s art practice focuses on abstract expressionism and is inspired by her faith and the stories that unfold within human life experiences.  Her work portrays visual interpretations of human emotions and experiences and she uses the relationship between shape, form, texture, and colour to explore this. Each piece that she creates is a visual narrative between light and dark, and the departure of emotional reality as each layer of paint takes on an often-underrepresented human response to common life occurrences. Also, and in addition to her personal artwork an extension of Yvette’s art practice also includes the work that she does with the Black Cube Collective.  Founded by Yvette in 2020, the Black Cube is focused on celebrating and supporting other black female abstract artists from around the world, as this group of artists are often overlooked and underrepresented in the mainstream art world.

Yvette Miller is a self- taught artist, born and raised in London and is of Jamaican heritage. As the daughter of an artist her creativity and love of art has always been with her ever since she was a young girl, however it wasn’t until 2015 that she started her professional art practice. As a woman of colour Yvette’s work challenges the historical and present-day Eurocentric narrative of abstract art practitioners and her art practice continues to evolve and explore the pictorial language of abstract expressionism. Yvette has participated in various group art exhibitions and has had her work exhibited in the UK and USA.